Financial Company

About Us

About Us

ELLISSE Compagnia Finanziaria S.r.l. was established at the initiative of Piero Carlo Bonzano, Cavaliere del Lavoro and President of the company.
It is a financial entity that coordinates the development and performance of its subsidiaries.
The Group’s business formula is based on a strategic and investment approach, oriented to different business sectors.

Our values

The values that guide our actions are based on four fundamental principles, that have always distinguished our activities, and have now become the key elements of our corporate culture.


It represents the highest value of the corporate identity of ELLISSE. The business model is based on compliance with the rules and on the complete correctness towards the interlocutors involved.


Crucial to successfully tackle everyday market challenges. ELLISSE boasts extensive operational experience, characterized by an extreme attention to detail, which allows the company to follow each single phase of the projects with competence and care.


It is an essential part of our DNA. We recognize the value of integrity in all our actions and continue to make our efforts in order to ensure ethically correct approach in everything we do.


It expresses an innovative approach and the ability to “go further” while searching for new ways to add value and meaning to business. It is synonymous of the ability to generate new ideas.

A group with great experience


We strongly believe in the importance of the human factor. Success is made by people – competent resources, capable of taking on innovative and exciting challenges. The combination of individual skills is a strength of the entire company organization and allows to maintain high operating standards.